Pro tip: wheelbarrow walks for a stubborn little one

Posted by AlykaAdmin on 15 November 2016

Does this sound at all familiar?
Little mister or miss is refusing to go to bed. Every single step of the way has been like pulling teeth… So s-l-o-o-o-o-o-w and resistant. Every excuse in the book has been given for why junior needs to stay up longer. Water has been demanded. Feet have been dragged. Tantrums are on the verge of being thrown… Quite possibly by you!
Here's how PlayBiz not only helps you help your child develop their essential foundation skills, but also preserves your sanity a little:
Then it hits you: a way to get your cherub moving towards bed, cleverly disguised within a bit of playfulness… that has the added bonus of developing those ever-crucial foundation skills.
You put little miss or mister in the ‘wheelbarrow walk’, holding their legs so they walk on their hands. Your little one starts giggling at the fun and before you know it they’re tucked into bed and sound asleep.
You’ve got what you needed – a slumbering child and a bit of peace… And at the same time you’ve helped strengthen their postural control and their arms plus improved their awareness of their body in space – abilities your little rascal will need to hold a pencil, be coordinated and so much more.
Talk about a win-win situation!

PlayBiz gives you a toolbox of strategies and activities for developing junior’s foundation skills, with the added bonus of gaining you a little extra peace. You’re welcome

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