Visual Perception Skills

What is visual perception?

Visual perception is about the brain making sense out of what the eyes see. This includes recognising, interpreting and organising the information that we process through our vision. As you can probably tell, visual perception skills are super important for school-based tasks such as reading, writing, drawing and using scissors (not to mention life in general!).
Read on to discover more about what visual perception entails…

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What does visual perception involve?

While visual perception mostly involves the eyes this skillset also relates to:

How do I know if my child is having difficulty with their visual perception?

Your child may be experiencing visual perception difficulties if they find these tasks tricky:

  • Completing jigsaw puzzles
  • Copying block designs
  • Telling the difference between shapes, pictures or letters
  • Reading and spelling
  • Copying information in written form (e.g. from the blackboard or a workbook)

The visual perception skill subsets

Let’s get into the thick of it! Visual perception can be divided into the following seven broad categories or subsets:

  • Scanning and tracking – moving the eyes to follow and focus on an object
  • Discrimination – recognising the differences and similarities between objects
  • Memory – storing and recalling information (e.g. characteristics) from previously viewed things
  • Figure ground – finding an object when it’s hidden or surrounded by other objects
  • Closure – identifying objects, letters or shapes that are incomplete
  • Spatial awareness – recognising the position of objects (such as next to, above, below)
  • Motor integration – coordinating hand and eye movements by combining sight, perception and movement skills

You may find that little miss or mister has strong abilities in some of the above subsets and needs to hone others. However, they all contribute to the development of junior’s visual perception skills so it’s important they’re all given attention.

Find out more about visual perception skills

Visit the visual scanning and tracking, discrimination, memory, figure ground, closure, spatial awareness and motor integration pages to find out more about the seven visual perception skill subsets, including how to spot if your child might be having difficulties with any of them.

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