Video Gallery

This is where all of PlayBiz’s exclusive members-only video content lives. The great thing about these videos is that you can choose to:

  • Join junior in watching and interacting with the videos 
  • Pop little miss or mister in front of them while you make dinner (or one of the thousand other things you need to do!)

Don’t forget that you can always revisit the Foundation Skills section if you need a refresher on what a specific foundation skill is, or if you’d like to discover even more activities and strategies that you can use.

Play-a-Short Videos

Click on one of the foundation skill categories below to see the 2-min PlayBiz Play-a-Short videos that are available in that category.

It’s up to you if you’d like to take your time browsing through our Play-a-Short video collection or streamline it all by going straight to a specific foundation skill you’d like to focus on. It’s your very own Choose Your Own Adventure book!

Play-a-Long Videos

Combining several foundation skills, our PlayBiz Play-a-Long videos run for 10 minutes or so. We’ve carefully ordered the activities so they enable your youngster to have an optimal learning experience and develop the skills they’ll need for school by joining in the ‘teachable moments’.

Picture a fun and educational TV program like PlaySchool crossed with an occupational therapy session that’s chock full of strategies. Ready, steady, learn!

Please note: The Play-a-Long videos don’t need to be viewed in any particular order.