Checklist for your Child

Is your child's development 'normal'?

What is 'normal' development?

From day dot when they’re first born we celebrate our little ones’ development – their first tooth, their first word, their beautiful first smile. We also continually worry – why aren't they crawling yet, why aren't they walking yet, why aren't they using the potty?

Rest assured, there’s not really any such thing as ‘normal’ in terms of development because every child develops at a different rate (phew!).

That said, it’s worthwhile being aware of little miss or mister's development to make sure they’re roughly 'on track' for their age. This is mostly because it’s easier to address any developmental hiccups when they’re detected early.

We’ve provided some checklists below that can be used to indicate if junior's development is progressing appropriately for their specific age range. Please keep in mind that the checklists are based on averages and therefore they’re guidelines and indicative only.

Now let’s get started!

Click onto your child's age range and work your way through the listed foundation skills. If you recognise that your youngster has difficulties in some of the tasks, click on the relevant Foundation Skills section link to learn more about that developmental area. If you have any concerns about your child's development, you should seek individualised help from an appropriately qualified professional. For example, an OT, GP, nurse or other registered healthcare practitioner can be a good starting point.