Charity - Helping Your Child Help Others

PlayBiz supports providing more people from all walks of life with access to the tools and strategies that will help them at school, in their everyday lives and far, far beyond.  PlayBiz are donating supporters of charities that give disadvantaged kids and their families access to much-needed educational programs and resources. 

This means that when you become a PlayBiz member you will gain:

  • Reassurance that you have extensive resources to help your little miss or mister put their best foot forward on their school journey (through information and practical tools, activities and strategies)


  • ​A warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that PlayBiz is a social enterprise that supports charities that support families in giving their kids bigger, brighter futures

How does PlayBiz decide where the money goes?

PlayBiz decides which charities will receive the funds in consultation with Origin Foundation, a philanthropic foundation that supports “programs that use education to help break the cycle of disadvantage and empower young Australians to reach their potential”.